Barefoot Schooling of Life

One of my most memorable pleasures each time I visit my birth country of Iran is going to the villages and tribal communities to immerse in the true spirit of very humble and genuinely kind and generous people I have known on earth.

They receive a guest, especially an unexpected guest with joy and delight and consider it a divine blessing. The hospitality they exhibit in receiving me and my company is the most delightful. They offer me the best seat in their tent, hut or adobe, and serve me with their best available resources. Their expressions of courtesy is the ultimate in human relationships at a barefoot level.

Experiencing their sincerity, courage and ability to face their challenges with focused clarity and their resourcefulness are among the best lessons I have learned; proving the fact that handling challenges are the means by which a better path is paved toward survival. 

Inspiring Barefoot Survival

I am admirably inspired by the spirit of peasants and nomads.
Their creative genius routinely overcomes the challenges of their environment.

People often ask me about the contrast and dichotomy of strength and
delicacy they observe in my character as well as my art.

Well, take a look here among the peasants and nomads.

On the surface, from the delicate task of baking bread to making butter in a goatskin
to creating beautiful tapestries for trade, all within the harsh elements of their environment make them
the best teachers in the world; and I have had the privilege of indulging in their masterful tutelage. 

The Long Life Ottoman

Wood is one of my favorite materials to create with, which led me to design and create this ottoman, upholstered with a precious woven fabric and golden trim from Iran.
The legs were made out of 2″ x 4″s and glued together in 45 degree angle and the structure was completely a wood dowel joinery.

The finished work is a well designed and solid structure that represents

elegance, beauty and pride in workmanship.

I am grateful for my ability to create it and having it.
It’s size and height is very comfortable and soothing
for the young and old.

The design of this Ottoman was inspired by the Japanese Torii symbol of Shinto Religion; an iconic and mystical symbol of the country of the rising sun. The Japanese Torii have a specific religious meaning and have a canonized structure that signals the transition from the Profane to the Sacred.


The way of flower – Pursuit of beauty

One of my earlier fascination with nature led me to indulge in learning the Art of Ikebana, the way of flower, within the same period when I was painting with a Japanese teacher in Japan; an endeavor that contributed to my acculturation with the Asian culture.

Ikebana is an ancient old Buddhist tradition entailing certain spiritual practice of offering flowers to God’s worship. It originated in India and later spread to China and Japan. It is an effortless and harmonious expression of grace, beauty and creativity to place Man in communion with the Divine, merge indoors with outdoors and see beauty in all forms of art to reflect and inspire perfection.

One of the spiritual principals of Ikebana is to arrange the flower of your choice 
just the way you desire. Ikebana exhibits many symbolisms. 
When pine and rose are a part of the arrangement, 
it symbolizes youth and long life.

Piety is not a goal, but a means to attain through the purest peace of mind the highest culture.

Johann Wolfgang von Gpethe
Supreme genius of modern German literature.

Persian Hospitality

With a cuisine among the best in the world

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing it Well!

Here we have fabulous rice dishes, braised lamb shank, slowly cooked
with spices, onions and garlic. Stuffed fish with herbs and walnut and a
few grilled meats. 

Patience and passion are the main ingredients in Persian cooking.
One of the secrets to an incredibly delicious Persian Kabab for example is
to marinate the meat in advance for at least 24 hours in a smooth sauce
made of onion, yogurt, saffron, lemon juice and salt. When they are
placed over the hot grill, the burst of flavors in the air becomes maddening.

You know you are serving your guests with sumptuous food when they insist on taking pictures of your table before touching anything. It is a courteous form of acknowledgment. The final goal of cooking with passion is to entertain your guests by transferring the joy of your creations to the palates of your guests – the ultimate form of sharing with love.

If you knew what I know about the power of sharing, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.


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