Meditate Through Art

The key idea from oriental thought is the mutual arising of various species in nature and their effortless, spontaneous interdependence beneath a vast canopy of contrasts.

A painting becomes emotionally responsive when its composition exhibits a variety of contrasts in just the right proportion in the right places; opposites such as warm and cold, thick and thin, light and dark, perfect and imperfect, beauty and ugliness express each other, and symbolically define the meaning in our lives in terms of their polar experience.

Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence.
It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees. 

Johannes Itten


34″ x 24″ – $3500.00

Enlightenment is coming home to yourself and realizing who you truly are; it is like discovering a beautiful cold mountain spring at the end of a long and tumultuous hiking trip that quenches your thirst and soothes your body and soul.
A destination called: You!

Inland Sea

34″ x 24″ – $2500.00

Various elements of nature, hand in hand with primary colors and complemented with white and a touch of black, give me the humility of observing the magic of Creation as I witness the motions of my own hands. 


32″ x 24″ – $2000.00

Euphoria is the fruit and reward of soul cleansing.
It’s like doing a complete house cleaning and renovation, installing big windows on the south side that let you bring in the sunshine during the day and see the stars at night.  

Flamenco Fire Dance

24″ x 24″ – $2000.00

A calm and serene state of mind is the backdrop of a passionate dance of fire, expressing the soft beauty of textures, colors, and motion to sublimate the soul of the witness.

Red Drapes

34″ x 28″ – $3000.00

A successful work of art is palpably sensible. At first glance, it beckons your attention and thoughts, provoking you to imagine your meaning and complete it as your own. 


36″ x 28″ – $3500.00

Ecstasy is a highly creative state of being, a supernatural state focused with clarity when competence spontaneously merges with action under full awareness. A time when self-consciousness disappears, and the creation process overshadows all other concerns.

Blue Lagoon II

32″ x 24″ – $2000.00

Nature at its best, flowing its elements effortlessly into a beautiful composition, like a well-rehearsed symphony on its opening night.

It roles the sea moss with crystal blue water ahead of a volcanic flow, shifting the sand in its bed, rushing to the shore to fade away with sublimity. 

Elan Vital

36″ x 24″ – $3500.00

Your spiritual essence is mysteriously trapped by the foisted conditioning of the physical universe.

A gladdened heart follows the cleansing of the soul.
This is the dawn of enlightenment.

Clearwater Beach Sunset

36″ x 24″ – $2000.00

I observe nature’s infinite phenomena with awe, consciously aware of the hands of Creation that so effortlessly create and express its beauty and magic, and then I utter the words of Rumi within myself:
 “I can’t fathom this magic painter. I can’t fathom.”

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