Meditate Through Art

The future is perpetually created by those who can believe and imagine the unlimited potentialities of the human spirit: The artists.
Meditate through art to cultivate your imagination and soothe your soul. 

Color is life, for a world without color seems dead. As a flame produces light, light produces color. As intonation lends color to the spoken word, color lends spiritually realized sound to a form. 

Johannes Itten

Galactic Celebration

36″ x 24″- $3500.0

If we count all our blessings with sincerity and honesty, we could then celebrate life with a galactic fireworks.

Sahara Gold

36″ x  24″- $2500

 If we contemplate upon the detailed beauty of nature, we discover that she has a vocabulary by which she is  sharing her secrets. 

Green Lagoon

20″ x 30″ – $3000.00

A land of fantasy where anyone who desires to breathe the fresh air of an ecstatic hideaway can be free to indulge in the soothing of the body, mind and spirit.

“The artist is the lover of nature; therefore he is her slave and her master.”

Rabindranath Tagore


36″ x 24″ – $2500.00

Colors have a magic quality for expressing a joyful relief when witnessing one’s own completion of a challenging task; a pleasure that becomes a constant reminder of one’s competent.

Tribal Dance II

34″ x 24″ – $2500.00

Let the magic of your imagination take you to the heart of a tribal celebration, where you can dance along the natives, the beats of the drums and the tempo of their joyous feet. 

Mother Earth

36″ x 24″ – $3500.00

Let the grandeur of your spirit lift you to altitudes well above the clouds, and have a bird’s eye view of our beautiful planet and let go of all your worldly concerns. The sense of freedom it gives you will be palpable.

Primary Cascade

36″ x 36″ – $3000.00

Art has the soothing power to heal the heart, ease the mind and lead us into the unfolding treasures of our being. 

Phoenix Rising Anew

24″ x 24″ – $2000.00

Adversity and suffering are the disguised warning system of the universe informing us to fine-tune our navigation. 
Past the initial jolt of any problem, if we consciously track the unknown solution, we will soon rise above it with joy and gratitude.


36″ x 28″ – $3000.00

A gladdened heart and a purified soul free of all the impurities of temptation becomes worthy of ecstasy; a state where the soul becomes the home of the Source of Creation and a place of manifestation.

Gray Hill

30″ x 20″ – $2500.00

When the spirit soars with joy, it gives a magic of effortlessness coupled with spontaneity to lead my brush with the power of moving a hill up in space from its resting place. Ah…what then…

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