Meditate Through Art

Journey through the fascinating beauty of mother nature. 
Let its secrets take you to where you’ve never been before.
 And just like a wave that melts into the sea, let your spirit merge with 
The Source of Creation.
Become one with it within the sacred chamber of your heart.

He who wishes to become a master of color must see, feel, and experience each
individual color in its endless combinations with all other colors. – Johannes Itten

The Angel Within

20″x 40″ – $2500.00

The innocence of youth, followed by the imposed conditioning of adulthood, can mask the essence of one’s inner beauty, but the angel within remains restlessly longing to be released.

Turquoise Blue Sea

24″ x 16″ – $2000.00

Wisdom is there for everyone to receive in proportion to the clarity of their perception.

“From this turquoise blue sea, every vessel is filled to its capacity.” – Rumi

Blue Pond

36″ x 24″ – $3000.00

A blue pond, once a geyser, has now subsided into a serene pool. The quiet beauty that is embracing it speaks of the clarity of its depth.

Deep Space

30″ x 15″ – $2000.00

There is a state where consciousness and competence merge with action and overcomes challenges.

It’s an ecstatic feeling of slipping off the edge of the earth and floating in the silence of deep blue space, free of all worldly concerns.

Magic Spring

36″ x 24″ – $3000.00

Our greatest asset is our imagination, the birthplace of our goals and dreams. When it is polished and pried loose, we tap into the reservoir of our innate abilities to create what we imagine. 

The brightness of our universe is as promising as what we can imagine.

The Purple Bird

26″ x 20″ – $2000.00

I cherish the absolute silence of early dawn when I rise. Within this precious silence, I bask in my inspiring thoughts and ideas, a silence that becomes splendidly broken by the tweeting of songbirds.

Blue Reef

36″ x 28″ – $2500.00

One of the main privileges of abstract painting is that I get to indulge in the total freedom of creation without adhering to any established rules of tradition. It takes me to beautiful territories I had never seen before.
 It’s the best form of meditation.


34″ x 24″ – $2500.00

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the natural flow of one’s evolution brings an awakening to detach and liberate from the sources of entrapment.


30″ x 30″ – $3000.00

Christening is a public ceremony in which a new ship is formally named and launched into the sea.
Similarly, enlightenment occurs after awakening when one begins a new journey into the deep 
waters of life without distortion.

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