A Journey Of Enlightenment

An artist endures through a fortuitous evolution with an unknown destination like a grain of sand in an oyster's shell as she progresses through life as a form of art. The significance of her art is an expression of emotions, skillfully exhibiting her personal transformation.

A Prayer

As the lotus symbolizes
purity, detachment, renewal
and rebirth, I wish for you
the victory of your spirit 
over the senses and an
auspicious path into the
bright sunlight of

May your divine purpose
continue to evolve and
unfold with a treaty of
peace through the hands
of the Supreme Creation.

                       Iran Lawrence

How Abstract Art Echos With Meaning

If new ideas are to assume artistic form, physical, sensual, spiritual and intellectual forces and abilities must all be equally available and act in concert.

Johannes Itten
Master of Art Education
Bauhaus School
Wiemar, Germany.

Within the ebbs and flows of each piece, one place of solitude is preserved for the most significant element in its environment: You!


I believe every painting exhibits
 a layer of the artist’s spirit.
My Art is a Metamorphic Tribute
to many attributes of existence,
intended to inspire the heart
and the soul of humanity.
It is also a symbolic
expression of my
Personal Transformation; 
an endeavor to
Detach and Liberate
from everything and everyone
 to become
Worthy of a Divine Communion
within myself with the
Source of Creation
to have everything and everyone.

Iran Lawrence

The Healing Power of Art

There is no better deliverance from the world of strife than through art.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The supreme genius of modern

German literature.

The Fury of Inspiration

There is a stage in art when inspiration ignites the soul with an aimless fury of ideas before they settle into refinement and subside with clarity.

Iran Lawrence

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